The Cisadane River

With a 1,100 km2 catchment area, the Cisadane River is one of the main rivers within both the Banten Province and West Java Province. It takes its source in the Salak-Pangrango Mountains (located in Kabupaten Bogor, south of Kabupaten Tangerang) and discharges its waters in the Java Sea. The river’s length is around 80 km.

The Cisadane River The Cisadane river flow fluctuates considerably depending upon the rainfall within its catchment area. It is high during the rainy season and lower during the dry season.Between 1971 and 1997, based on the measurements made at the Observation Station of Serpong, the lowest water flowrate recorded was 2.93 m3/sec in 1991 and the highest 973.35 m3/sec in 1997.

Based upon the monthly flowrates recorded between 1981 and 1997, the minimum flowrate occurs between July and September, with an average flowrate below 25 m3/sec.

The Cisadane River fulfills all present water needs for industry, irrigation and potable water in the region.

However the increasing level of pollution due to industrial and domestic activities, including illegal waste water discharges, makes the water more and more costly and difficult to treat.