TKCM is a joint venture between PT Tanah Alam Makmur and PT Tirta Bangun Nusantara for the rehabilitation and increase of capacity of the Cikokol Water Treatment Plant, including the operation and maintenance of the plant for a period of 15 years.
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Our Vision :
Become the best in water supply management and services

Our Mission:
Provide an effective and efficient water supply management and services

Our Values:

  • Dedicated to costs effectiveness, financial integrity and transparency
  • Promoting technological innovation and expertise
  • Developing human resources by helping our employees to reach their full potential through extensive training programs and acknowledgement of their contribution.
  • Anticipating health and environmental risks.

Description of the Cooperation Agreement:

Due to the urgent need to improve the water supply services to the community PDAM Tirta Kerta Raharja (“PDAM”) Kabupaten Tangerang selected PT Tirta Kencana Cahaya Mandiri (“TKCM”) as the operator of the Cikokol Water Treatment Plant.

After evaluation of various options, including offers from several private companies, PDAM felt TKCM had the best resources to invest and manage the Cikokol Plant.

This includes the operation and maintenance of the plant for a period of 15 years. The total investment made by TKCM during the first 4 years of operation will amount to Rupiah 62.3 Billion, for the rehabilitation of the existing plant and an increase of the production capacity from 950 l/sec to 1,275 l/sec.

With this new production rate, PDAM is able to deliver a higher quality tap water and increase its service area in the Tangerang region. The contract was signed on 11th June 2004 between the President Director of PDAM, Mr H. Utar Sutarya, and Mr Hubert Broux, President Commissioner of PT Enviro Nusantara (before transferred to PT Tirta Bangun Nusantara, PT Enviro Nusantara was the owner of 28% TKCM’s shares), representing TKCM. The signing was witnessed by Bupati Tangerang.

Registration and Shareholdering :
The Company was approved by BKPM on 25 August 2004, under the foreign investment law (number No 565/I/PMA/2004) and established as a limited liability company on 08th September 2004.

PT Tirta Kencana Cahaya Mandiri was legally approved by the Ministry of Justice on 30th September, 2004 under the number C-24321 HT.01.01. TH.2004 and registered on 19th October, 2004 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.