Investment Program

Issues facing the Cikokol Plant before TKCM takeover:

The Cikokol plant has been operated during the past few years below its nominal capacity, with continuous breakdowns, stops in production and a deteriorating treated water quality. The consequences have been the building up of deposits in the distribution system, poor water quality distributed to the consumers and many interruptions in the supply.

Among the urgent problems facing PDAM are:

  • The deterioration of the Cisadane raw water quality and quantity of floating debris which have to be removed continuously at the intake.
  • The need for an additional emergency generating set in order to cope with the frequent electrical power cuts.
  • The lack of sludge removal equipment and necessity to drain the sedimentation tanks frequently.
  • The lack of proper monitoring, chemicals dosage and control equipment.

All above problems has been addressed by TKCM as a first priority.

Investment Program – Upgrading/Uprating:

The cooperation agreement between PDAM TKR and TKCM includes the implementation of a Rps 72.5 Billion investment program to be completed by TKCM within 3 years as follows :

Year 1 : Rps 24.9 Billion
Year 2 : Rps 20.3 Billion
Year 3 : Rps 14.8 Billion
Year 4 : Rps   2.3 Billion

The agreed detailed scope of works and services is included in the cooperation agreement.
The program mainly includes:

  • Consultant detailed design studies, shop drawings and owner’s estimate
  • ISO Certification
  • Environmental Impact Assesment
  • New raw water intake system construction
  • Chemical dosage equipment overhaul
  • Addition of tube settlers
  • 12 Existing Filters and backwash system 
  • Addition of two new filters and new effluent control building
  • Distribution pumps overhaul and addition of a new flow meter
  • New Chlorine and alum injection systems
  • New instruments (Treated water reservoir and intake level indicator, online turbidity and pH meters)
  • Upgrading of the electrical panels and equipment
  • Civil works rehabilitation (Warehouse, workshop, reservoirs and distribution building)
  • Web site and database management system