Research and Development

The research and development conducted at the Cikokol Water Treatment Plant is an integral part of the TKCM’s efforts to improve the treated water quality and operational procedures in order to reach quantity and quality targets.

The current position of research and recent developments include:

  • Data management
  • Focus on immediate rehabilitation of the plant and adjustment of the TKCM Programme to existing technical and operational constraints.
  • Development of a prioritized improvement programme.
  • New Operational Procedures and special training for operators and maintenance teams.
  • Improvement of the performance of the plant by modification of the type of chemicals, chemical dosing points and operational procedures. The key result obtained to date has been to reduce the average monthly treated water turbidity from 2.6 NTU to less than 1 NTU, before the implementation of the filters and sedimentation up-grading programme.
  • Water losses reduction programme.
    Web based assets registration system.

A laboratory is fully equipped for continuous monitoring of experimental programs : Water analysis, biology, physical-chemical analysis, spectrophotometric analysis ( I.R , U.V., and visible light ).


A data acquisition and processing computer system and web based data management system will be gradually implemented and directly connected to the TKCM internal network and through internet lines