PT Tanah Alam Makmur, owner of 72% shares of TKCM, is a service and development company.

PT Tirta Bangun Nusantara (TBN), the owner of 28% shares of TKCM, is a joint venture between PT Nusantara Infrastructure, Tbk (META) and PT Enviro Nusantara to develop businesses in the water and waste water infrastructure sector in Indonesia. META, through its subsidiary PT. Potum Mundi Infrastructure acquired PT Tirta Bangun Nusantara through the purchase of 51% of the shares.

This joint venture marked PTNI’s entry into the sector of clean water supply / drinking and processing of waste (liquid waste or solid waste) with the aim to provide high quality services through good corporate governance, based on excellence, professionalism, competitiveness, social responsibility and care for the environment.

In addition to collaborating with regional water companies (PDAMs), TBN also serving industrial sectors including industrial estates, housing complexes, ports, oil and gas facilities, mining and integrated commercial areas (Super-Block). Several water projects for Industrial Estates are currently underway and projects in the Medan Industrial Estate (KIM) are under construction.

TBN aims to become a leading water company in Indonesia and at the right time will be listed on the Exchange Indonesian securities.